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Intestinal Cleanser

Intestinal Cleanser is a pure, natural, vegetable product that promotes intestinal activity and helps to maintain intestinal flora. An odorless, tasteless product.

Price €24.00

CatComfort® Calming Diffuser 48ML

Beaphar CatComfort® Calming Diffuser uses pheromones, which are clinically proven to promote feelings of reassurance, and reduces general anxiety caused by everyday stresses around the home. Available with EU & UK plug

Price €25.00

Kittyrade Isotonic Drink For Pets

KittyRade is an isotonic drink that encourages reliable hydration in cats. It increases fluid intake, helping cats to rehydrate effectively.

Price €6.70

GRIZZLY Salmon Oil -Salmon Plus

POWERED BY OMEGAS 1285MGOmega-3 Fatty Acids 600MGEPA 460MGDHA 65MGALA 90MGOmega-6 Fatty Acids 820MGOmega-9 Fatty Acids

Price €50.60

Feliway F3 Refill 48ml

FELIWAY CLassic Refill is the 30 day replacement for your FELIWAY Classic diffuser. Ensuring your FELIWAY Classic diffuser is plugged in at all times ensures that your cat is provided with the safe and secure messages that FELIWAY Classic provides at all times...ready for whatever life throws at...

Price €18.00